Customized leather handbags maintenance tips

With the development of the times, the purse is a vital decoration for everyone. A distinctive purse can enhance one's temperament invisibly. However, how to maintain the leather bag to keep it shiny? Let's take a look

November 28, 2019 See Detail

10 ways to maintain luxury leather handbags

Luxury leather handbags are difficult to own, and when you own one, it requires a high degree of maintenance and upkeep. Luxury leather handbags are carefully crafted and handcrafted, and they must be taken care of to ensure a lon

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How to match handbags?

Belt bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, quality leather handbags and briefcases, these are the five most popular bags in all seasons. Different bags can be matched for different occasions and different wears. So, how to match? Mat

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