How to Identify Leather Bags

July 24, 2020

Leather bags always give me a high-grade and expensive feeling. The price of a good leather bag is also very high. This huge profit margin has also led many criminals to sell fake goods, sell some fake leather bags, and make huge profits. Next, we will talk about how to identify leather bags.
1.Touch by hand
The leather is smooth and soft to the touch, and you can feel the elasticity and toughness. Artificial synthetic leather feels astringent and rigid to the touch, and it can feel that its elasticity and toughness are also poor.

2.Smell with nose
The real leather has the smell of leather, with a little animal smell. Artificial synthetic leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.

3. Look with your eyes
The surface of the dermis has irregular granular and uneven shapes. Each granular surface has very fine breathing pores. The pores are fine and compact and arranged randomly. The cortex is smooth and clean, and the surface is concave and convex; the surface of artificial leather There are no fine pores and skin lines.

5. Water absorption
Dip some water with your finger and wipe it on the leather surface. If the water absorption is good, it is real leather; if the water absorption is poor or does not absorb water at all, it will die of artificial synthetic leather.