Genuine leather handbags get dirty after a long time,don't throw them away!

February 07, 2020

Bags have been used for a long time. In addition to wear and tear, stains will always fall on the bags, which is very difficult to clean, or even not clean at all, and can only be lost, but it is really a waste!

White bag is yellow, don't know how to clean it?
You can use face creams and hand creams to remove yellow hand creams and face creams at home. Do not discard them. Cleaning leather products often has unexpected results. Be sure to wipe it a few times to see the effect. If you have milk and petroleum jelly in your home, you can coat the freshly treated yellow part as a daily maintenance method to prevent the appearance of yellow.

There are oil stains on the bag. It is always inevitable that the leather bag is stained with oil stains. You can directly use detergent, but you must brush it gently to avoid damage to the leather. If it is a white leather bag, you can mix 1:10 with bleach and water and then wash it.

If there are traces of strokes on the bag, you can squeeze a little shower milk in warm water, and then wet the cloth to wipe the traces of the strokes on the bag, and then wipe the water off the bag with a dry paper towel. If you get it with a ballpoint pen, use some toothpaste and a small amount of soap to gently rub, then wipe with alcohol.

There is also a very common problem, that is, the bottom of the handbag is prone to wear scars. If it is not handled in time, it will wear out and become worse, and even the most expensive bags will not look textured. In fact, as long as you apply the adhesive on the edge of the strap evenly, do not apply it too thick, apply a layer first and wait for it to dry, then apply a layer, so apply a total of about five layers, after drying, it will be the same as the new one La.

How to clean up stained stains. Wear light-colored leather bags with jeans and wear them over time. The clean leather bags will be stained with light blue! Dip a cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe back and forth a few times to remove the denim stains on the bag. I chose makeup remover because it doesn't have irritating chemicals, so it won't hurt your purse.

So how to maintain the bag?
Before each storage of leather products, they should be dusted and cleaned, and then the leather maintenance oil should be applied. Apply oil to a clean cotton cloth before wiping the surface evenly. Leather bags can be wiped with a high-density nano-sponge. If it is slightly dirty, you can use a white eraser of a normal pencil to quietly remove it. Severe soiling can be wiped with a high-density nano-sponge with a wipe of water. Before cleaning, wipe it on an inconspicuous area to see if it fades, and then use genuine leather handbags care agent to clean and maintain it, which can prolong its life.